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CalPac has experienced in design, planning and project management, especially in communications facility installation. Recently CalPac completed a project for the Guam Public School System, known as the JFK E-Rate project. This project is a federal government funded program, mandating that the local government, public school system provide accessibility to educational programs via telecommunication facilities.

Brief Summary of the JFK E-RATE project.

CalPac prepare the design and perform the engineering services associated with the Inter-building Backbone and Classroom/ Network. This back bone network conduit and cabling system connected the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF). CalPac also designed the Intra-building Network System for conduit, data, voice and CATV from the MDF or IDF to the Information Management Outlet (IMO), in the classrooms.

CalPac preformed the installation of buried conduits and associated hardware for the Inter-building Backbone and Intra-building Network System from the MDF or IDF to the individual IMO. This included trenching, back filling, sand bedding, warning tape, pull string, pull boxes, junction boxes, concrete repair, repair of any damaged utilities, clean-up and disposal of debris.

CalPac did the installation of the MDF, IDF, IMO, Fiber, Copper, ½ Coax, CAT 5 Data and Voice and RG 6 cables and associated hardware This also included the splicing, activation, balancing, preliminary and final testing of all cables required to complete the scope of the GPSS E-RATE project.

CalPac provided complete as-built records for this project. These documents were prepared detailing room outlet number, outlet receptacle type, jack position, jack type, cable type and cable number.

Our Services

Cable Installation

CalPac has invested thousand of dollars in state of the art cable and inner duct pulling equipment. Our civil and technical personnel are highly trained in the use of this equipment and the installation of Fiber, Copper, Coaxial and Electrical cables. We are the experts on Guam for this type of work.

A brief interview on how to install a cable:

Guam OSP-1 (Interview Part 1) »
Guam OSP-2 (Interview Part 2) »

Conduit Installation

CalPac indeed has the expertise in this scope of work. We have installed hundreds of mile of communications conduits. It is a daily task for CalPac.

Facility Locating

This task is another specialized job. It entails locating communications facilities underground to include fiber, coax and copper cables. Cable locating is normally perform before undertaking a major trenching project.

Feeder & Distribution Cable Installation

CalPac has constructed many of these projects for our customers. This work involves the installation of new outside plant facilities, such as; fiber, copper, data and coax cables for telecommunication and video services. An example would be placing a new fiber cable for linking several Telephone Central Offices together.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling has been around for a while; however, in Guam it is a novice technology. There is definitely a need for it but the start-up investment is very costly. CalPac is presently in alliance with an off-island group who is an expert in this field. Given the opportunity to participate on a project requiring horizontal drilling, CalPac will seek the services and expertise of our off-island associates, thereby assuring timely completion, professional workmanship and most importantly the needed technical training necessary to carry out the projects.

Retrofit Installation

This service is primarily performed due to changes in technology resulting in a need to replace or upgrade communication equipment such as retrofitting existing Cellular sites with new antennas.

Splicing (Fiber, Copper and Coaxial)

A large part of our technical division's workload is splicing. CalPac is on call twenty-four hours, seven days a week for the repair of damaged cables. CalPac has the necessary technical personnel and specialized splicing equipment on hand to address all emergencies.

Support Structures

CalPac has completed various jobs involving support structures, whether it be a race way, rack, communication cabinet or vertical tower installation. Most of our inside plant projects include the installation of support structures.

Termination (Fiber, Copper, Data & Coaxial )

This is one of the major areas of work for our technical services division. All communication facility installations require termination of the cables.

Testing (Fiber, Copper, Data & Coaxial )

Cable testing is a specialize job. CalPac mandates training courses continuously of its personnel to meet the demands of the industry. CalPac has a wide array of test equipment; OTDR, Power Meters, OHM Meters and Fluke testers to meet all the needs of our customers. CalPac also provides documents for all testing.


The primary responsibility of CalPac's Civil Division is excavation and installation of cables, conduits, manholes, hand holes and associated hardware. We have trenching machines, backhoes, excavators, dump trucks, lift trucks and rock-saws ready to handle small to large jobs.

Trouble Shooting

There are numerous types of trouble shooting; the most common occurrences are for locating unreported cable damages. CalPac has the expertise and equipment to trouble shoot, locate and repair all damage communication facilities.

Other Services

CalPac provides other services as required. Our expertise is a wide range, making CalPac a go-to company for communications installation and maintenance needs.

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