Personnel and Operations

CalPac's personnel are its greatest asset, which is the reason for our on-going investment in personnel training. This philosophy is the foundation of CalPac's business culture and identity. CalPac has divided their operation into two separate functions, a civil and a technical side. Please see organizational chart indicated as Exhibit A.

The day-to-day operation is the responsibility of the General Manager, Dave Kunard. He works closely with the Project Managers insuring the timely completion of outstanding projects. Dave reports directly to John Healy, Senior VP. Short pointed meetings held daily insure the resolution of work related issues. In addition, every Monday morning the managers meet to review existing projects, their progress, personnel issues, timetables, material availability, potential projects and any short-falls.

The number of employees at any given month fluctuates at CalPac. The nature of our business dictates the workforce; however, a fair number is between 35 to 50 employees at any time. The civil side of our business is where most of the variance exists, depending on the amount of on-going civil related projects.

In the Technical Division, current projects with; SAIC, CSC, GTA, DZSP 21, AFFES, General Dynamics, Serco, TATA and the on-call maintenance contracts with Verizon Business and VSNL adequately keep the workforce busy.

There are four directors, three upper level managers and five first level supervisors in the company. Their names and position are as follows:

Managing Directors

Mrs. In Hui Yu-Healy, President / Owner

In Hui has invested time to learn the business over the pass few years. After completing her education and obtaining a bachelors degree, In Hui undertook specialize training in fiber optic cabling, slicing and testing. She leads the technical team in fiber cable handling and performs hands on fiber cable splicing, testing and analysis.

Mr. John Healy, Senior Vice President / Owner

John has over 30 years of experience in the industry, with specialties in ISP and OSP Design, Construction, Satellite Earth Station installations, AM / FM and Microwave systems. Through the years John has gained a vast amount of experience, in his hands on approach when it comes to the installation of telecommunications equipment. Coupled with his hands on experience and technical knowledge, John has designing and built Cable TV systems in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Hong Kong and Bangkok Thailand. In 1992, John accepted a position with the local cable TV Company, as the Chief Engineer, in this position John was responsible for the design, maintenance, and improvement of the ISP and OSP facilities on Guam.

Mr. Greg Perez, Vice President/Finance

Greg Perez joined the management team in March of 2006. Greg has diversified experience ranging from finance to two-way radio communication systems and applications. Greg holds a degree in finance and economics. He spent over 10 years in the Construction Industry, four years in government budgeting and planning, two years in banking and twenty plus years in the radio and telecommunication industry. In addition, Greg worked for Motorola Communications Corporation for 10 years as a top-level manager. He entered as the Guam Branch Financial Manager and exited Motorola as the Guam Branch Manager.

Mr. Dave Kunard, General Manager

Dave joined CalPac in 2005 and has over 38 years of experience in the industry, with specialty in Outside Plant Design and Engineering. Dave spent 26 years of service with three major telephone companies on the mainland and came to Guam, in 1991 where he was employed by Hicks & Ragland Engineering Co. as the Pacific Division Manager. With H&R, Dave manage the daily operations of the Pacific Division to provide Consulting Engineering Services for US Federal Government funding under the Rural Utilities Services Program. H&R telecommunication clients; Guam Telephone Authority (GTA), Federated States Micronesia (FSM Telecom), Palau National Communications Co. (PNCC) and Micronesia Telecom (MTC) were provided design and engineering services for; Buried Outside Plant Facilities, Central Offices, Cellular, Associated Facilities, Clerical, Computer and Auto Cad Drafting.

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