Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please give us a description of the company. How did the name CalPac (California Pacific Technical Services, LLC) come about?

    Type of Business:
    CALPAC is a service oriented company specialized in communications facility installation and maintenance. We provide both civil and technical work force and equipment to augment both the medium and large telecommunications companies' work force involved in maintenance, sub-contract work and improvement project.
  2. Where is it located? Any plans on relocation, expansion, etc.

    Business Location and Hours of Operation:
    The business is physically located at 150 E. Harmon Industrial Park Road, Harmon, Guam. Our normal administrative business hours are between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday; however, our construction and technical work force normally start work at 7:30 am and shut down at 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  3. What do your services encompass? What market is your main focus?

    Business Services:
    CALPAC offers an array of services directly related to the design, construction and maintenance of communications facilities for both inside and outside plants. These contracts normally entail being on call twenty-four hours a day to respond to an emergency repair alert in the event of damage to one of our customer's buried facility such as a fiber optic cable.

    Below is a partial list of available services:
    • Design, Planning and Project Management for both ISP and OSP projects.
    • Installation of support structures for communication cabling.
    • Trenching and Conduit placement.
    • Cable pulling and Installation.
    • Cable Splicing (Fiber, Cooper, Coax).
    • Cable Testing.
    • Facility Locating.
    • Retrofit Installation
    • Backbone Distribution System Installation & Maintenance.
    • Cable Termination and Fiber Testing.
    • SCADA System Installation.
    • Alarm System Installation.
  4. Please give us a brief history of the company. What was the initial scope of its founders? Their goals since and before its establishment?

    Mission Statement:
    CalPac's mission is to establish itself as the premiere company in both inside and outside plant installation and maintenance. To accomplish this goal CALPAC maintains and provides a high level of technical expertise and professionalism. To date, this Mission Statement still applies.
  5. What are some of the companies past accomplishments that you would like to highlight?

    Work Task Diversity:
    CalPac provides various communications facility services as required. Our expertise is wide range making CalPac a go-to company for communications installation and maintenance needs. Listed below is a partial list of accomplished Work Task, which CalPac has undertaken and completed within the project time schedule, while meeting or exceeding our customer's expectation.

    Project Customer
    JFK-ERATE Project PTI
    USS-Frank Cable-Cable Install SAIC
    Tipalao Housing- Facility Install Maeda Pacific Corp.
    IGLOO-Facility Install Dick Pacific
    GPA-Facility Hardening Kinden
    Meet Me Project GTA
    SCADA Installation-AAFB Thunderbird Company
    Video Launch GTA
    CSC-ISP-Naval Facilities CSC
    Facility Installation-AAFB-Runway Cannon
    AAFB-BX Project-Facility Installation WATTS
    AAFB-BX-Fiber/Cooper Install AAFES
  6. What have been the major hurdles for the company in the past? What do you see are the challenges the company is to face in the future? How might they be overcome?

    The core strength of CALPAC is in its most important asset, its personnel at all levels. It is a fundamental philosophy of CALPAC that personnel training be a continuous process. The skills at all levels of the organization must meet the demands of the dynamic nature of the communications industry. Because of these demands, CALPAC places a high priority in training and certification.

    On the technical side of our business, our personnel have the opportunity to upgrade their skills in use of communication test equipments, product knowledge and product handling, especially within fiber optic field. While in the civil side of our business, a majority of the training involve OSHA certification requirements.

    On the upper management level, there is over 100 combine years of experience in the communication field, whether it be technical, operation, administrative, product knowledge or civil work application.

    Another important attribute is CalPac's can do attitude and reputation of getting the job completed on schedule and meeting the customer's need and expectation. CalPac has completed ever project undertaken and the industry leaders are conversant of this fact.

    CalPac also realizes that diversification is an important factor for sustain long-term growth. With this in mind, CalPac has been developing a management team with expertise in various facets within the communications field. To date CalPac has expertise in fiber optics applications, telecommunications systems (inside & outside plants), video communications and wireless communications systems such as conventional radio systems, trunking radio systems, cellular radio systems, microwave (point-to-point) systems, SCADA applications and emergency alarm systems. As it stands, there is enough expertise in-house to augment the major communications service providers and project contractors.
  7. How many people are currently employed with the company? What do you feel it is like to work within CalPac? The management style? How do team dynamics and atmosphere affect performance and overall morale of the employees?

    The number of employees at any given month fluctuates at CalPac. The nature of our business dictates the workforce; however, a fair number is between 25 to 50 employees at any time. The civil side of our business is where most of the variance exists, depending on the amount of on-going civil related projects.

    CalPac's personnel are its greatest asset, which is the reason for our on-going investment in personnel training. This philosophy is the foundation of CalPac's business culture and identity. CalPac has divided their operation into two separate functions, a civil and a technical side.

    CalPac is a small company and it has been a practice for management and workforce to openly communicate, work closely together and in many ways learning from each other. CalPac furthers trust and company culture by encouraging an attitude of ownership and self-initiative that ultimately benefits the company and the customer.